New NWI Nightlife Venue to Bring the ‘Rebirth of Gary, IN Cool’

This February, Gary, IN will experience the birth of a nightlife concept unlike any other in the city and NWI, BACKSTAGE. Ideally assembled as a sensuous nightclub, state-of-the-art live performance space, and upscale lounge, BACKSTAGE is a dynamic nightlife venue located in the emerging Indiana Northwest University Park District (University Park). BACKSTAGE’s mission is to become a new hub for music across an eclectic cross-section of genres. More than just a nightspot, the venue will be an entertainment and lifestyle destination for its audience of young, diverse, and culturally aware urbanites.

There are several timeless components that create a momentous nightlife experience: a beautiful venue, progressive clientele, exceptional customer service, and a lasting commitment to amazing music and entertainment. It’s difficult to find all of these elements consistently at play at any NWI venue. BACKSTAGE will set a new standard and bring all of these together each and every night. We are first and foremost a DJ driven dance club and VIP lounge, but there will be nights when we host some of the hottest local and national artists.

Gary, IN used to have some of the hippest night life spots in Northwest, IN and would routinely attract Chicago Clientele. Despite the declining population in Gary, the audience still remains. BACKSTAGE will be the alternative night life spot destination, for south suburban Chicago and NWI Urbanites.

The live music component is an integral factor in BACKSTAGE. Monthly series on the first Thursday of every month will draw national a-list, local and up-and-coming talent from the hip-hop, R&B, reggae music world and beyond. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy artists who may play at large concert venues in the intimate setting of the club, creating a unique and special experience for guests.



BACKSTAGE is a mid-size 3000 sq. ft. venue designed and equipped to accommodate a wide range of music-oriented events. The key difference from other nightlife offerings in the NWI market is the venue’s unique position as a DJ-driven dance club with the ability to execute production-quality live performances. The space is accommodating and includes a live performance stage and sound system that can be instantly optimized for either DJs or live bands. The stage is set where the audience will have an intimate experience unlike any other. Additionally, there are two elevated VIP seating sections dedicated to bottle service, a separate DJ booth and multiple televisions for a unique visual experience.

Back•stage Concept

Definition: ↔private – confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy; “a private place”; “private discussions”; “private lessons”; “a private club”; “a private secretary”; “private property”; “the former President is now a private citizen”; “public figures struggle to maintain a private life”

There has always been a desire and achievement for audiences to either belong or be part of activities that go on backstage. BACKSTAGE delivers this to the customers. The space includes a dedicated DJ Booth, lounge and table seating, a custom bar, and its own dedicated staff. Specialty handcrafted cocktails will be offered to patrons in addition to a premium bar. Now Gary, IN has the opportunity to welcome everyone backstage. BACKSTAGE will feature lush, sensual design elements in keeping with its upscale focus.



The University Park District (“University Park”) represents one of the best opportunities within the City of Gary for economic development and new housing construction. Located in the Glen Park neighborhood in southern Gary, some of the most significant educational institutions in northwest Indiana – Indiana University Northwest, Ivy Tech Northwest’s Gary campus and the Gary Career Center – are located in the district.

In concert with The Community Builders and with input from key community stakeholders, the City is issuing this updated University Park Plan. This updated plan provides a current assessment of the conditions in University Park leading to more prudent assumptions about the future.

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